Team Tour de Tinnitus

Team Tour de Tinnitus

Since 2011, a dedicated group of bicyclists have coordinated the Tour de Tinnitus, a series of long bike rides to raise awareness of tinnitus and raise funds for ATA.This year, the Tour de Tinnitus is fundraising as part of ATA's larger "Walk to Silence Tinnitus" event.  Donations made to Team Tour de Tinnitus will be credited to the bike riders and will help further support ATA's ongoing tinnitus research and education programs. 

The original Tour de Tinnitus was started in 2011 by a single intrepid bicycle rider in Missouri. A person with tinnitus rode the Katy Trail, a 240 mile bicycle trail spanning the heart of the "Show Me" State.  This year Tour de Tinnitus is a multi-regional event with riders participating in Missouri, Oregon and Washington. 

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Tour de Tinnitus Cyclists & Routes

Mark Church 

  • Date TBA: Defiance, MO to Augusta, MO and back on the Katy Trail (15.6 miles)


Ed Ruttledge​

  • July 21 - 22: Everett, WA to Vashon Island, WA to Olympia, WA (106 miles)


"Team Crusty" (Richard Johnston & Victor Krause) and Ed Ruttledge​

  • July 28 - 29: Manzanita, OR to Tierra del Mar, OR to Newport, OR (100 miles)

Megan Larson, Chris Watts and Lily Watts

  • July 12-13: on the Indianapolis, IN to Westfield, IN and back, on the Monon Trail, 3 times (~100 miles) ​